Comeup Ape 12 Hydraulic Hoisting Winch

Ape 12 is available standalone or as part of our Hydraulic Excavator Winch solution.

Ape 12

1,200 kg Hydraulic Hoisting Winch

  • Internally lubricated for reliable power and an exceptionally long service life.
  • Compact, hardened and high efficiency gear trains reduce power loss and placed inside the drum.
  • Multi-Disc Brake (MDB) patented and two ways counter-balance valve together for holding full load.
  • The normal lifting capacity is rated at the top layer of wire rope.
  • It always lifts its rated load no matter what layer of wire rope it is.
  • The drum is dimensioned to obtain a minimum D/d ratio of 18:1 with a 5:1 minimum safety factor at the rated load.
  • The winch meets the requirement of FEM9.511 covering rating and classification and FEM 1001 standard for the calculation of lifting equipment.
  • Compliance with international standards such as ASME B30.7 and, CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Product Specifications

Part Number: PN 681910
Line Pull:  1,200 kg (2,640 lb) single line at the top layer of rope
Line Speed:  35.5 mpm/116 fpm single line at the top layer of rope
Motor: 194.6 cm3/rev (11.9 in3/rev)
Operation pressure: 150 bar (2,176 psi) with maximum back pressure on return line of 5 bar
Maximum pump flow: 40  L/min
Minimum pump flow: 20 L/min
Gear ratio: 1-stage planetary 5:1
Brake:  Multi-Disc Brake (MDB) patented and counterbalance valve together
Winch construction: steel housings with steel drum
Winch Rotation: counter clockwise rotation of the drum
Drum size (dxDxL):  205 x 305 x 191 mm (8.1” x 12.0” x 7.5”)
Recommended Rope  10 mm x 55 m with 1,960 N/mm2 grade with minimum breaking strength of 69.8 kN
Mounting bolts pattern: 200 x 170 mm ( 7.9” x 6.7”)
Winch weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lb


CE requirement as options:

  • Drum guard
  • Emergency stop device
  • Overload device
  • Up and Down limit protection device

Line Lift and Rope Capacity

Layer of Wire Rope Lift by layer,
kg / lb
Total Rope on the Drum,
m / ft
Line Speed,
mpm / fpm
1st 1,535 / 3,384 12.2 / 40 27.8 / 91
2nd 1,404 / 3,094 25.6 / 84 30.4 / 100
3rd 1,294 / 2,853 40 / 131 33 / 108
4th 1,200 / 2,645 55 / 180 35.5 / 116

 The winch is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel.
The rated line pull shown is based on the first layer of rope on the drum.
The rope winding on the drum shall remain 5 wraps from the drum.

Load Rated:

Load and speed vary according to how much wire rope is on the drum. The first layer of rope on the drum delivers the slowest speed The total rope on the drum may vary from figures stated elsewhere and the maximum load. A full drum delivers the maximum speed and the minimum load. For this reason, all hydraulic hoisting winches are rated at their top layer of wire rope on the drum

Leave two free layers below the top of the drum flanges to meet European lifting rules

Leave a minimum of ½ inch ( 13 mm ) below the tope of the drum flange to meet ASME 30.7